Official Rules


By participating in the Topps Million Dollar Chase (“The Chase” or “Promotion”), you (if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, your parent/legal guardian) agree to the decisions of The Topps Company, Inc. (“Topps” or “Sponsor”), which are final and binding in all respects and not subject to appeal. Participation in The Chase is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of



OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 48 CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OR CANADA (EXCLUDING QUÉBEC PROVINCE), 13 OR OLDER. Employees, officers and directors (and their immediate families and same household members, whether related or not) of Sponsor, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, agencies and prize suppliers as well as MLB Entities (as defined below) are NOT eligible. Void in Alaska, Hawaii, Québec Province, Puerto Rico and where prohibited by law. Sponsor’s computer is the official clock of the Promotion and shall be controlling in all respects.


Get a 1MCC.

Look for a Million Dollar Chase Code Card (“1MCC”) randomly inserted in packs of 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 and 2012 Topps Baseball Series 2, while supplies last. The odds of obtaining an 1MCC are approximately 1:6. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. For a chance to obtain a 1MCC without purchase at the same odds, print your name, age (if under 21) and complete address on a 3” x 5” card, enclose in a business size (#10) envelope and mail to 2013 Topps Million Dollar Chase NPN, P.O. Box 785, Pittston, PA 18640. Request must be postmarked by 7/15/2013 and received by 7/19/2013. No metered mail. Limit one (1) request for 1MCC per household per day; but, no more than six (6) requests per household during Promotion. Each request must be mailed separately. If your request is selected by Sponsor to receive a 1MCC, the code from the 1MCC will be sent to you via e-mail at the e-mail address provided. (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR “SPAM” OR “JUNK” E-MAIL FOLDER FOR E-MAIL FROM SPONSOR).

Register @ Website.

Beginning on or about 1/30/2013 at or after 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET, go to and create an account (“Account”), with your first and last name, complete address (must be a street address), date of birth and e-mail address, as well as creating a unique password and username (the safekeeping of the password and username are YOUR sole responsibility). When providing your e-mail address, you may choose to opt-in to receive promotional e-mails from Topps, but this is NOT required (NOR will electing to “opt-in” enhance your chances of winning). Then, check the box indicating that you agree to and accept these Official Rules. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROCEED IN THE PROMOTION IF THIS BOX IS NOT CHECKED. Limit of one (1) Account per person. The use of any device or artifice to create multiple Accounts is tampering and will result in disqualification.

Enter Code from 1MCC.

When prompted, manually key-stroke the code from your 1MCC (“Code”) beginning on or about 1/30/2013 at or after 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET and ending on 10/1/2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET. If the Code is accepted, one (1) Major League Baseball player from among the list of (100) position players (including designated hitters; excluding pitchers) who are projected to start the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season on the active rosters of Major League Baseball teams will be randomly allocated to the inputted code. One randomly assigned player per accepted Code. (As the list of projected 2013 Major League Baseball players was compiled by Sponsor prior to the start of “spring training” for the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season, it is possible that the list may include players who are injured, have retired or did not make Major League Baseball Teams’ active rosters for the 2013 regular season for other reasons; Sponsor expressly disclaims any liability in conjunction therewith.) It is possible, depending on the functioning of the random allocation, that two (2) Codes inputted by the same participant will each result in assignment of the same player to that same participant; if this happens, the participant has received more than one (1) “copy” of that player and can use that player in the Chase multiple times for more than one (1) Streak, as discussed below. The odds of a particular MLB position player being allocated to a Code are 1:100. The player allocated to the Code will then appear in participant's account. For the avoidance of doubt, a participant will NOT receive a Topps baseball trading card of the player allocated to a Code.


In The Chase, the participant “manages” the Major League Baseball players in his/her account, activating them on certain day(s) of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season (3/31/2013 – 9/29/2013; subject to finalization of the 2013 regular season schedule by Major League Baseball), with the goal of achieving one (1) or more “Hitting Streaks” (or “Streaks”). Each Streak consists of only one (1) player (selected by participant from his/her account). Each Streak lasts as long as the corresponding player hits safely in Major League Baseball games on consecutive, uninterrupted days in which the Streak has been initiated/activated by participant, as per Rule 4 below. If the player in a Streak does not hit safely in a Major League Baseball game on a day when the Streak has been activated by the participant, that Streak is “broken” and ends. Once broken, the “copy” of the player used for that Streak will be eliminated from the participant's account; and, only if participant has another “copy” of that player in his/her account, may the participant use that player for another, new Streak.


A.  Initiating & Activating Streaks

To participate in the Chase, a participant must initiate a Streak (that is, activate a Streak for the first time) by selecting a player from the participant's account for that Streak. Thereafter, for each day during the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season that a participant wishes for a given Streak to be active, participant must access his/her account and expressly “activate” the Streak for that day. A participant may have up to three (3) (active) Streaks in place at any given time. Streaks must be activated no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern Time on a given day of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season, except for 4/15/2013 (when Streaks must be activated by 10:30 a.m. ET.) Sponsor reserves the right to institute additional exceptions to the daily activation deadline by posting notice of same on, due to unexpected changes and variations in the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season schedule and/or other reasons. ACCORDINGLY, YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO REVIEW THE PROMOTION WEBSITE OFTEN.

If a participant wishes, he/she may activate a Streak up to five (5) days in advance. If a participant activates a Streak in advance, he/she may cancel such activation at any time prior to the daily activation deadline for a given day of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season.

B.  Live Streaks

If activated by the participant, a given Streak will continue if the official scorer assigned by Major League Baseball determines that the corresponding player officially records at least one (1) hit during his team's Major League Baseball game** on that day (for purposes of the Promotion, the official scorer's decisions as set forth in the official box score of the Major League Baseball game immediately following the conclusion of the game shall be determinative of whether the player hit safely; later adjustments to the official scorer's decisions by Major League Baseball will not be considered). But, if the corresponding player fails to hit safely during his team's Major League Baseball game on a given day of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season, that Streak will be “broken” and ends; see also Rule 3 above. For the avoidance of doubt, the following occurrences do not count as a player hitting safely:

Player reaches base via error; Player reaches base via walk; Player reaches base via hit-by-pitch; Player reaches base via dropped third strike (be it a passed ball or wild pitch); Player records a hit in a game which is not an official game (e.g., rain-out); Player does not receive an official at-bat (regardless of cause).

**In the event of a doubleheader, a Streak will continue if the applicable player hits safely in either game comprising the doubleheader.



Except for 5 game Streak and Top Streak Prizes (as discussed below), a participant may only receive a maximum of one (1) prize per Streak: the specific prize won will correspond to the closest Length of Streak level before the Streak was “broken,” without rounding up. For example, if a Streak continues for 19 games, the participant will win the autographed card prize for a 15 game Streak if participant is one of the first 1,000 participants to accomplish this (but participant will NOT also win an exclusive coin card for a 10 game Streak, nor will he/she win a set of 25 coin cards for a 20 game Streak.)

For 5 game Streak, a participant will only receive one (1) Code and one (1) entry only for the 5 game Streak random drawing for the day on which his/her Streak reached 5 games. As such, a given Streak can only result in a maximum of one (1) additional Code and one (1) 5 game Streak drawing entry regardless of its length. See also Rule 6 below.

TOP STREAK PRIZES: In addition to the above “Length of Streak” prizes, the ten (10) participants who have the longest Streaks during the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season will each win a Top Streak Prize of an autographed baseball bat (Approximate Retail Value: $50 each; this does not reflect re-sale value of prize). A given participant may only win a maximum of one (1) Top Streak Prize. If a given participant has more than one (1) of the ten (10) longest Streaks, only the higher/highest Streak of such participant will result in receipt of a Top Streak Prize, with the participant with the next longest Streak being advanced in or to the top ten (10), as appropriate, and receiving a Top Streak Prize. Should there be a tie as to the tenth (10th) of the top ten (10) participants who have the longest Streaks, Sponsor shall conduct a random drawing from among all such tied participants so as to determine the tenth (10th) and final recipient of a Top Streak Prize. IN NO EVENT WILL SPONSOR BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AWARDING MORE THAN TEN (10) TOP STREAK PRIZES.

Odds of winning prize(s) depend on Major League Baseball position player (from Sponsor's list of 2013 Major League Baseball players, as per Rule 2C) who is randomly allocated to the Code entered by participant, the participant's decisions on whether (or not) to activate Streak/corresponding player on certain days/games of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season and upon a given player's ability to hit safely in applicable days/games during the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season so that the applicable Streak lasts (that is, the Streak is live and current), all as compared to other participants in the Promotion.


To the extent that participants do not have Streaks that continue and are live/current for the stipulated number of days/games for the corresponding Length of Streak, SUCH PRIZES WILL NOT BE AWARDED AND SPONSOR SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR OBLIGATION FOR SAME.


5 game Streak drawings will first commence after the fifth (5th) day of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season, 4/4/2013; i.e., the first day of the Major League Baseball regular season that participants may possibly have a Streak lasting five (5) days. There will be (179) 5 game Streak drawings in total (based on the projected 2013 Major League Baseball schedule as referenced in Rule 3 above); but, Sponsor reserves the right to modify the number of 5 game Streak drawings by posting notice of same on, to accommodate any unexpected changes and variations in the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season schedule and/or for other reasons. Each 5 game Streak drawing will consist of only those participants with a Streak that first reached five (5) games on the applicable day of the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season. For the avoidance of doubt, if a participant’s Streak surpasses five (5) games, such participant will not be entered in any additional 5 game Streak drawings. If a given participant has more than one (1) live/current Streak that first reaches five (5) days on the same day (that is, the Streaks started on the same day), such participant will receive one (1) entry in the applicable 5 game Streak drawing for each such Streak.

In each 5 game Streak drawing, up to ten (10) prizes will be awarded. (As indicated in the chart in Rule 5 above, each 5 game Streak Drawing prize is an autographed card, with an Approx. Retail Value of $10.) If there are fewer than ten (10) (eligible) participants with at least one (1) live/current Streak first reaching five (5) days so as to result in entry in that day's 5 game Streak drawing, only the prizes equivalent to the number of (eligible) participants with at least one (1) live/current Streak first reaching five (5) days will be awarded in such 5 game Streak drawing. FURTHER, IF NO (ELIGIBLE) PARTICIPANTS HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) LIVE/CURRENT STREAK FIRST REACHING FIVE (5) DAYS SO AS TO RESULT IN ENTRY IN THAT DAY'S 5 GAME STREAK DRAWING, THAT DAY'S DRAWING WILL NOT TAKE PLACE AND SPONSOR SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR OBLIGATION FOR THE PRIZES FOR SUCH DRAWING.

Non-winning entries for a given 5 game Streak drawing will NOT be retained for subsequent 5 game Streak drawings.

Each drawing will be conducted by Sponsor within three (3) business days after applicable day of 2013 Major League Baseball regular season. Drawings will take place at Sponsor's offices in New York, NY USA or another venue of Sponsor's sole choosing.

Odds of winning a prize in a 5 game Streak drawing depend on the total number of eligible entries received/participants for that drawing.


About Codes.

Codes are valid only for the Promotion and may only be used in accordance with these Official Rules. Any other use/attempted use of Codes is prohibited. Codes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or credit. Any attempt to purchase/sell, trade, transfer, assign or exchange Codes is void.

Canadian Residents.

To be deemed a prize winner, a Canadian participant must first correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question without mechanical or other assistance of any kind. Privacy Notice: Sponsor collects personal data when you participate in the Promotion on-line. On-line participation constitutes your permission for the Sponsor and its affiliated companies to maintain the data in the U.S. The data is collected to maintain a record of those who have participated in the Promotion, to administer the Promotion and, in the case of U.S. residents only, for marketing purposes in accordance with Sponsor’s privacy policy located at

Currency of Information.

Streak data, including length of Streak, or other information in participant's account may not be current at any given time. Sponsor reserves the right to edit, modify or alter Streak data (including the length of Streak and whether it is still live/current) at any time without liability of any kind. Sponsor may update Streak data at times of its sole choosing, without notice of any kind. Sponsor shall not be bound by any Streak data in a given participant’s account. Even if a participant’s account indicates that such participant has achieved current/live Streaks of certain lengths, he/she is not a potential prize winner unless and until he/she has been personally notified by Sponsor to such effect.

Prize Restrictions.

The total value of all prizes made available to be won in the Promotion is $411,400(USD). Prize winners will be notified by e-mail. (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR “SPAM” OR “JUNK” E-MAIL FOLDER FOR E-MAIL FROM SPONSOR.) Winner will receive prize following Sponsor’s verification of his/her eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules. If winner is a minor in his/her jurisdiction of residence, Sponsor may award the prize to or in the name of minor winner’s parent or legal guardian, in Sponsor’s sole discretion. Winners (if a minor in his/her jurisdiction of residence, his/her parent or legal guardian) may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release and a publicity release (where legal) within an indicated time period. Noncompliance or if winner of any prize cannot be contacted or prize is undeliverable, such prize will be forfeited. FORFEITED PRIZES WILL NOT BE AWARDED, WITH THE SOLE EXCEPTION OF 5 GAME STREAK DRAWINGS (ASSUMING THAT THERE ARE ELIGIBLE NON-WINNING ENTRIES REMAINING FOR SUCH AFFECTED DRAWING(S)) AND THE TOP STREAK PRIZES. All unspecified expenses in conjunction with participation in the Promotion are the sole responsibility of the participant. All taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of participant and Sponsor will report participant’s receipt of same to the appropriate authorities in compliance with applicable law. No prize substitution or cash equivalent except at Sponsor’s sole discretion due to prize unavailability for any reason and only then for prize of comparable value. No prize transfer, except to winner’s heirs and only with the express consent of Sponsor which may be granted or withheld in Sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsor’s failure to enforce any provision of these Official Rules in any given circumstance shall not constitute the waiver of such provision.

Effect of Disqualification.

If a participant is disqualified for any reason, such participant’s registration for the Promotion will be revoked, and his/her account closed, without compensation. Disqualification in no way prevents Sponsor from seeking additional remedies as allowed under law or from prohibiting such disqualified person from participating in future Topps promotions, in its sole discretion.


a. Not Responsible for Errors.

Sponsor is not responsible for any computer, programming, telephone, cable, satellite, network, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, errors, failures, connections, availability, or garbled or jumbled transmissions, service provider/Internet/website/use net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, unauthorized human intervention or for inaccurate or incomplete recordation of information related to the Promotion. Sponsor is not responsible for any typographical, programming, mechanical, technological or other error in the printing of the offer, the acceptance of Codes, or the Promotion generally or in the announcement of prizes won by participants.

b. Force Majeure.

If, for any reason, the Promotion (or any part thereof) is not capable of running as planned by reason of any cause beyond the control of Sponsor (by way of example only, computer virus, worms, bugs, tampering, fraud, natural cataclysm, civil commotion) which, in Sponsor’s sole opinion, could corrupt or affect the conduct of the Promotion (or any part thereof), Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and conduct the Promotion making prizes available in a manner which is fair, equitable and in accordance with these Official Rules, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. By way of example only, a force majeure event includes any work stoppage, player strike, or national emergency that interferes with or interrupts the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season. Notice of such action by Sponsor will be posted at the Website.

c. Tampering.

Use or attempted use of robotic, programmed or like methods of participation; manipulation/attempted manipulation of one’s participation in the Promotion (including the creation/attempted creation of multiple accounts and/or any attempt to falsify Streak data); attempts to decipher, reverse engineer or otherwise decode the software programming or logic of the Promotion or the Website are all prohibited and constitute tampering. Sponsor will disqualify any person found to be tampering.


By participating, you (if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, your parent or legal guardian) indemnify, release and agree to hold harmless Sponsor, its parent company, affiliates and subsidiaries, MLB Entities, prize suppliers, and the directors, officers, agents, representatives, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns of any of the above organizations, as well as Facebook, from any and all liability arising from participating in the Promotion, any Promotion-related activity and/or acceptance, receipt, possession or use/misuse of prizes. By accepting prize(s), except where prohibited by law, participant (if a minor in his/her jurisdiction of residence, his/her parent or legal guardian agrees to the use of participant’s name, address (city, state/province), likeness, voice, photograph and/or other indicia of persona for advertising/publicity/trade purposes by Sponsor and its designees without further compensation or notice.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, by participating in the Promotion, you (if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, your parent or legal guardian) agree that: (a) any action regarding these Official Rules or the Promotion shall be filed in either the courts of the State of New York, County of New York, USA OR the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and you (if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, your parent or legal guardian) hereby consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts, (b) any and all disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or connected with these Official Rules or the Promotion shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and (c) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred (if any), including costs associated with participating in this Promotion but in no event attorneys' fees, with all other damages or awards of any kind being expressly waived. All issues and questions concerning these Official Rules or the Promotion shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA without giving effect or regard to any principles or doctrines of conflicts of law/choice of law of the State of New York, USA or of any other jurisdiction.


For a copy of list of winners of major prizes, available after 11/15/2013 send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 2013 Topps Million Dollar Chase Winner’s List, P.O. Box 766, Pittston, PA 18640, to be received by 10/10/2013. Canadian residents only may omit return postage.

SPONSORED BY THE TOPPS COMPANY, INC., One Whitehall Street, New York, NY USA 10004.

Participants are providing their information to Sponsor, not to Facebook. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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